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About me

Hi there! I’m Tiffany, and I’m learning to garden here in Greenville, South Carolina.

For a long time I struggled to call myself “a gardener.” That seemed like a title you had to earn with a degree, or by memorizing 100s of latin botanical names. At the very least, it seemed like I should have fewer weeds in my flower beds.

But now—I just own it. I’m a gardener.

Why? Because I grow things.

It changed for me when I started gardening in 2013 with a 4x4 pre-fab raised bed from The Christmas Tree Shoppe, in my backyard in one of those typical subdivisions off Woodruff Road. A few seeds, inexpertly sown, and I had zucchini coming out of my ears. My mind was blown.

My garden has grown since then, but I’m still small-fry. Not an expert; just a foodie and a nerd who found her green thumb.

Gardening as a hobby occupies a curious space. It’s for retirees and homesteaders, but also for working moms (like me!), and singles living in apartments, and the couple that just bought their first home, and the college student with houseplants. It’s somehow both high-brow and low-brow—a pastime for people of wealth just as well as for everyday people like me.

Plants don’t discriminate.

Many of us who garden can’t commit a lot of time to a garden club or plant society, much less start a farm or drop $50k on garden design and construction. We’re just going to pretty-up our average backyards, grow in containers on a balcony, or plant a tiny kitchen garden. You may only want to grow tomatoes for pasta sauce, or a tangle of zinnias, or have beautifully uniform hedges. It’s all gardening. In my book, it all counts.

By training, I’m a communicator, not a horticulturalist or plant designer. But my passion for gardening must be a bit infectious, as friends convinced me I should share more of what I’m learning, and well, that’s what led me to this little project.

With gvlgardening, I try to inspire more people to make good use of the sun and soil they have today: for beauty, for health, for flavor, for fun—for the joy of tending something as it grows.

I hope you’ll subscribe to be part of the growing community and conversation.

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A writer started gardening. And here we are. 🪴